Monday, July 7, 2014

Jamberry Nails Winners

Thank you to all who entered my Jamberry Nails giveaway, thanks to Beth!

Again, check out Beth's Jamberry site to order. Once I use my last Jamberry's, I am off to buy more. I already have the list going of my favorites!

The winners, selected randomly, are Jaclyn and Tiffanee!

Ladies, please email me the best place to ship your nail wraps, and I will get them in the mail for you today. If I do not hear from you by Wednesday, I will choose another winner. Also, once they arrive, I would love to know how you are enjoying them. Tag me on social media! :)

Beth also wants to let us all know that if you would like to host a Jamberry party, she would love to set you up with that! As a host, you can get yourself some free Jamberry Nail wraps!

Beth says, "An average Facebook party gets the hostess any free sheet of wraps, $60 in product credit, 5 1/2 off items and a sheet of both the July and August hostess exclusives. So they could get all of their faves for free if they want!"
Contact Beth for more info. Her email can be found on her Jamberry Website

Thanks to all who entered!! I wish I could have given one to everyone because the product is just that awesome! Winners, enjoy!

Hope everyone had a beautiful Independence day! We spent it at the lake watching fireworks in the evening, and doing work on the house in the afternoon. :)

Will try to keep the posts regular with moving!



  1. Congrats to the winners!!! Very exciting! Thanks to all who checked out my website and left those positive comments. It was really fun to read all week. Can't wait to do some Facebook parties for any of you and your friends! It will be fun!

  2. I love that Koby always looks like she is smiling!